55th Annual Young Artist Award

Winds, Brass, and Percussion

Rules of the Concerto Competition, 2024–2025


Open to wind, brass, and percussion soloists born after April 1, 2001. An applicant may not be employed full-time as a professional musician. Documentation of age and/or employment may be required at the discretion of the coordinator.


1.  Applicants must submit a video recording of a concerto of the applicant’s choosing, without cuts and with an accompanist, for possible selection to participate in the final round on August 25, 2024.

2.  At the competition finals, the entire piece must be performed with an accompanist provided by the applicant.


Send the $25 application fee, the completed application form, and link to YouTube video recording to the competition coordinator.


The application must be postmarked no later than August 9, 2024. File uploading of the YouTube recording must also be completed by August 9, 2024.


The recordings will be reviewed to determine which applicants qualify for the competition. Checks of applicants not selected will not be returned. Competition acceptance will be announced in August 2024. A scheduled time for each contestant will be mailed at that time.


The final round of the competition will take place at 5:00 p.m. on August 25, 2024, in Walnut Creek (location to be determined). The Diablo Symphony cannot provide accompanists, so contestants should bring their own.


The judges’ decision is final.


First Prize: $1,500 honorarium and a contract to perform the previously auditioned composition in two concerts with the Diablo Symphony Orchestra in Walnut Creek, one at the Lesher Center for the Arts on October 20, 2024, and one at Rossmoor on a nearby October date to be determined.

Second Prize: $750.


Contestants are encouraged to invite friends and relatives to the competition. No one may enter or leave during performances.

For further questions about the competition, please email Christine Hsia at [email protected].