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“Carnival of the Animals” Poetry Contest

Composer Camille Saint-Saëns wrote beautiful music about us, the Carnival of the Animals. But we need new poems to introduce us at the Diablo Symphony Orchestra’s concert at the Lesher Center for the Arts on February 6, 2022! So we are asking you to write a poem inspired by that music! This is how it works:

Go to “

Listen to the movements and let the music inspire you. Then pick an animal and write a poem that describes the animal and what you hear about it in the music. Send your creation via email to:

[email protected] by January 22, 2022 (extended deadline)

The winners’ poems will be read as introductions to the animals during our performance on February 6. There will be a winning poem for each animal, and all winners will receive a free adult ticket to the concert!

Thank you so much!!!

Drawing by Gini Holmes